The purpose of this site is to sort of serve as a portfolio for myself. I'll upload anything I create to this site, such as games, software, music, photography, articles, and more. I'm also very fond of the FOSS philosophy, so any software (and maybe even some games) I upload will probably be completely open source.

I go by the name scarbyte, scarbo, and mace online and I'm mostly interested in programming and creating games (which is what this site is about). Sometimes I'll draw some art or practice photography. For anyone wondering I use a Sony a7 first gen, with vintage Minolta Rokkor lenses. I also listen to classical music and play piano. My ultimate goal is to tell stories and create art through game development. I've been making games for fun for about 6 years. I've also been doing web design as a hobby since Jun 8, 2019, which is when this site was created.

Site Layout

home page
The home page contains a blog that will contain any updates relating to this site.

A collection of games I have (haven't?) made.

A collection of various things I've created/made. This includes art, photography, music, software, website designs, etc.

Here I'll upload any articles or anything that I write.


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