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Announcing Experimental Game Jams!

Jan 13 2023

https://experimentaljams.com is about discovering completely new types of gameplay. Each month there is a new theme and users must create their game to match that theme. The rules are that each game must be made by 1 person and within 1 month, and the game must demonstrate a completely new type of gameplay never seen before.

I created this website as a spiritual successor to the now defunct Experimental Gameplay Project. This website will hopefully motivate myself and others to experiment and create new forms of gameplay never seen before. I've always had a problem with focusing on story, art style, environment, etc first without even thinking about gameplay. Hopefully this new project will force myself to prioritize gameplay.

The first jam is GRID!

Some of the greatest games were built on a grid based system. Games such as rogue and Tetris have created entire genres and new forms of gameplay. Grid based games even originate from ancient times, look at Chess/Chaturanga for example, which was created sometime around 600 AD. Also, creating a grid based game does not confine you to 2 dimensions, look at Minecraft for example, which is essentially a 3D grid based game. Old school 3D dungeon crawlers also have their maps generated on a grid. Now the question is, can you create a completely new form of gameplay based around a grid of some sorts?

Feel free to make an account even if you dont plan to participate in the jams, you can always leave comments and feedback on other peoples games. Also please note that there are currently no games on the site yet as it has only just released.


You can also join our discord server!