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I released an EP

Jan 18 2024

After making over 60 tracks, I finally decided to release an EP. It's called Travelling Menagerie.

If you want to support me you can purchase this EP for $4.99 on bandcamp here: https://masonarmand.bandcamp.com/album/travelling-menagerie

I've also uploaded the EP in its entirety for free on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSouxCbC2g8

The EP will also release on just about every streaming service in the coming days. You can pre-save the EP on spotify in the meantime here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/masonarmand/travelling-menagerie

I've got some more exciting things coming soon. I'm planning on releasing music videos for all of the tracks. Here's a snippet of the first few seconds of bacc67:

I would also like to mention that I only use free open source tools for all my creations. The music was made using LMMS and audacity, the album cover was made in GIMP, and the music videos are being created in Blender, Godot, and Olive. Do not let anyone tell you that you need fancy equipment or paid software to create things. There is a lot of analog purists in the electronic music making community that will try and tell you that you need to buy thousands of dollars worth of synthesizers and drum machines. You do not. All you need is whatever laptop or computer you are currently using + some creativity.

I also want to say that you should always try new things, even if you are afraid or embarrassed to. For the longest time I was scared of making music because it seemed like a daunting task. Then, on a whim I started composing tracks in August 2023. Now its January and I have 60 tracks made and an EP released. If you are dreaming about doing something in the back of your mind, just do it!