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The First Month of Experimental Game Jams

Feb 01 2023

If you didn't see my blog post from 2 weeks ago, I created a website where users can upload their experimental games. Each month there is a theme and users must create a game that demonstrates a completely new type of gameplay that matches the theme.

The Submissions

January's theme was "GRID", we had a total of 4 submissions (which I think is pretty good for the first ever jam, especially considering this jam was only 2 weeks instead of a month). Here are the submissions!

Knightventure (made by Chartuch)

The first submission was a really cool puzzle game called "Knightventure". In this game you have movement like the knight from chess and you must solve puzzles using your limited movement. Despite not all the puzzles being fully implemented, this game was super polished and the puzzles were actually very well designed!
You can download the game here.

Gupta (made by scarbyte)

The second submission was the game that I submitted. Like the last submission, it is also chess themed. This game is a roguelike with chess based movement. You can combine different segments of your chess piece to alter your movement pattern. Looking back, I probably could've designed this game better because the UI is very confusing and cryptic.
You can download the game here.

To Reach The Light (made by dawn)

The third submission was a neat little puzzle game involving pushing boxes. The twist is you have you control multiple characters and boxes of the same color will move together. This leads to some great and challenging puzzles.
You can download the game here.

Creoterra (made by errormine)

The last submission was Creoterra. This is a sandbox terraforming game. The world will grow on its own as you play (grass will spread, bees will pollinate flowers, etc). Also, bonus points for the game being on a hexagonal grid!
You can play the game here.

February's Theme is "Ingredients"!

Ingredients can come in many forms... what ingredients will you use to cook up the perfect game? Join the experimental game jams discord server!